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Car tinting

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  • What is window film?
    Window film is a thin, multi-layered polyester material that incorporates different layers to control different properties, such as UV light, heat, glare and privacy. Window film comes in a variety of performance levels and shades.
  • What do the different percentages/levels of tint mean?
    Window film percentages stand for the light transmission, or in other words, the amount of light that is allowed through the film. When looking at percentages, the lower the percentage, the darker the film. We offer four tint shades for vehicles: Limousine (approx. 5% sunlight penetration), Dark Tint (approx. 20% sunlight penetration), Medium Tint (approx. 35% sunlight penetration) and Light Tint (approx. 50% sunlight penetration).
  • What is allowed?
    In the UK, the tints on cars is very closely monitored. In terms of the rules, these are slightly different depending on when the car was first used. If the car was first used on or after 1 April 1985, the front windscreen must allow at least 75% of light through, and the front side windows must allow at least 70%. For cars used before 1 April 1985, the front windscreen and front side windows must allow at least 70% of light through. The good news is, there are no laws or restrictions for tinting rear windscreens or rear passenger windows. Although not an MOT requirement, failure to comply with these regulations is illegal and can result in receipt of a prohibition notice, stopping you from using the vehicle until the tints are removed, a penalty notice or a court summons, as well as the possibility of invalidating your insurance. You are also not permitted to sell a vehicle with illegal windscreen and front window tints.
  • Is the film applied to the inside or the outside of the windows?
    The film is applied to the inside of the window.
  • How long does the window film last?
    All our film comes with a lifetime guarantee. In the unlikely event your film peels or bubbles, just contact us to have the window film replaced.
  • How long does it take to tint my windows?
    Tinting windows takes time and patience, as well as precise hand work and attention to detail. We would never rush a job at the expense of quality. In addition, rushing the process can result in the tints bubbling, peeling or fading early. Overall, the amount of time it takes to install window tints will largely depend on the type, model and size of your car, as well as the type of tint you have chosen. If you need any more detail on how long we would need your car for, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Can I use my windows as normal straight away?
    We recommend waiting at least 48 hours before using your windows.
  • Will the film bubble, peel or change colour?
    No, this should not happen. We use high quality films and install them as per the standards set by the manufacturers to ensure their longevity. In the unlikely event of bubbling or peeling of the film, please do get in touch with us.
  • How do I clean tinted windows?
    The good news is that the coated finish reduces the need for cleaning and the risk of scratching. However, you can use a damp cloth or a squeegee with detergent and water to remove marks if and when necessary.
  • Can the window film be removed?
    Yes, absolutely. The window film can be removed at any point if required, and will leave no visible marks.
  • How much does window tinting cost?
    The cost to tint your windows depends on many factors, including your car model and size, and the type of tinting you are after. Contact us now for a free, no commitment quote.
  • Are different shades of film different prices?
    No, no matter what shade you choose the price will be the same. Our prices are based on vehicle size/ model.
Black car with tinted window

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