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tinted building windows

Commercial window tinting

Here at Tintz-Automotive Window Tinting, we specialise in vehicle and residential window tinting services for our clients across Leeds.

Residential and commercial window tinting experts

Tintz-Automotive Window Tinting offers different styles and types of property window tinting to meet and exceed your needs. Residential window tinting not only adds to your privacy, it improves the aesthetics of the property too. If your property suffers from excessive heat, tinting can be a great way to keep things cool, as well as protecting against UV radiation.


As well as residential window tinting, we also offer tinting services for commercial premises. Our commercial window tinting helps you to keep your property cool and saves on utility bills.


Regardless of the service we're providing, our team maintains the highest standards and excellent customer service.

For high quality commercial or residential window tinting, call us now

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